About Us

A self proclaimed Disney expert, Greg spent almost 10 years behind the walls at Disneyland. Greg offers a view with an edge. No watered-down company-sanctioned views here, he’ll hit between the eyes and tear out your favorite attractions.

Soon to be a Licensed Architect, Greg offers his insight on what the Disney parks should have been or could still be.

If you are not convinced, listen in and then send Greg an e-mail and challenge his views.

Mike worked at the Disneyland Resort in the late 80′ to early 90’s. During that time he took advantage of many employee Studio and Imagineering tours, giving him a good understanding of Disney’s theme park principles at the time.

One of his post-Disney jobs was a two-year stint as an on-air announcer for a network of radio stations in upstate New York. Podcasting lets him be “on-the-air” without those pesky low-paying radio gigs.

He is an Annual Passholder and still visits the Disneyland Resort quite frequently.